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Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs

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  • Lavie Insider with 12000 puffs, 12 flavors, 0% to 5% nicotine options, 23ML e-liquid, Mesh Coil for best taste, LED screen, Type-C charge, and a 650mAh battery.

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Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs

Puffs: 12000 puffs

Nicotine: 0% 2% 5%


Coil type: Mesh Coil, Best Taste

Type-C Charge

Integrated 650mAh Battery.

12 Flavors Available.

Watch VIDEO showing lavie insider 12000 puffs

Flavour List

Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs disposable vape is available in 12 flavours, more flavours are available in the future.

1.Mint Ice

2.Green Apple Ice



5.Strawberry Watermelon

6.Rose Black Tea

7.Watermelon Ice

8.Blueberry Ice

9.Orange Ice

10.Mango Ice

11.Green Grape Ice

12.Lemon Cola Ice

Packaging Information

Net Weight: 85g

Gross Weight: 90g

10 Pack in Each Display Box

200 Pieces Per Carton

Gross Weight: 22 Kilograms

Carton Size:462x400x284mm

Exploring the Ultimate Vaping Experience with Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs

Discover a cutting-edge vaping experience with the Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs device, offering a revolutionary combination of features including a nicotine range from 0% to 5%, a generous 23ML e-liquid capacity, a high-performance mesh coil for the best taste, and a vibrant, colorful transparent case that catches the eye. Equipped with a built-in LED smart screen, Type-C charging capabilities, and an integrated 650mAh battery, the Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs redefines convenience and style in the world of vaping.

Unleashing Unmatched Flavor

The Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs is not your ordinary vaporizer. In truth, it’s a stage for celebrating the finest flavors that vaping has to offer.

Built with a high-performance mesh coil, this device ensures silky-smooth vapor that is chock-full of taste without any unpleasant burns.

Every inhale is a promise of a delightful experience, an explosion of flavor that lingers long after the puffs have faded.

Revolutionary Nicotine Options

With the Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs, you have the power to control your nicotine intake like never before.

The device exhibits a revolutionary range of nicotine options, letting you switch seamlessly from 0% to 5%.

This breadth of choice empowers you to personalize your vaping experience, making every puff a tailored ordeal, answering to your unique cravings and needs.

Long-Lasting Performance

Significantly, the Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs is defined by its remarkable endurance. Built to last, this device boasts a lofty 23ML e-liquid capacity.

This ample space keeps you vaping longer between refills, so you're free to enjoy uninterrupted sessions.

Whether you're a casual vaper or a seasoned enthusiast, the Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs ensures that your journey is expansive, enduring, and satisfying in ways that you’ve never imagined.

Stylish and Sleek Design

The Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs device is where technology meets aesthetics. It infuses an alluring sense of style in each element, from the compact body to the minimal, easy to navigate layout.

Its rounded edges paired with a contrasting matte and polished finish combine to offer not only a visual feast but a comfortable hand-feel. This design is not simply about looking good; it significantly contributes to the functionality and overall vape experience.

Ultimate Convenience Features

The device is more than just a beautiful object, it is a carefully considered tool designed for unparalleled convenience. The built-in LED smart screen is a captivating touch, allowing users to keep track of their usage and battery life, preventing any unpleasant surprises.

The use of Type-C charging capability further enhances its user-centric design. Enjoy fast, reliable charging that ensures your Lavie Insider is always ready when you are. This reinforces the device as an innovative piece of technology.

Experience True Portability

Despite its bouquet of features, the Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs device maintains an ultra-slim profile, ensuring maximum portability. It showcases a design that emphasizes ease of mobility, is lightweight, and fits seamlessly into your pocket or bag.

The device's robust nature promises no leaks or spills, even when on the move. The compact form does not compromise the vaping experience, ensuring you enjoy potent, rich flavors, whether you're at home, work, or on the move.

Enhanced Vaping Experience

The Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs doesn't just promise essential vaping performance; it elevates your vaping experience to exceptional levels. The device has an innovative design that offers consistent, smooth, and flavorful puffs.

This exceptional vaping experience is made possible through its high-performance mesh coil and controllable nicotine range, which complement each other seamlessly to deliver precise, enjoyable clouds of vapor.

Exploring the E-Liquid Capacity

The Lavie Insider places you in complete control of your vaping experience with its generous 23ML e-liquid capacity. This sizeable reservoir ensures that you have enough e-liquid to last for up to 12,000 puffs, allowing for prolonged satisfaction without the frequent need for refills.

The transparency of the casing makes it easy to monitor the remaining e-liquid, leaving you with no shocking dry hits and uninterrupted enjoyment of your favorite flavors.

Effortless Charging Technology

With this impressive charging technology, the Lavie Insider eliminates the drawbacks of prolonged charging times, letting you quickly get back to what you love most - the ultimate vaping experience.

Impressive Battery Life

The Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs is powered by an integrated 650mAh battery, designed for longevity to support your extensive vaping sessions. This powerhouse battery delivers a consistent performance, ensuring the last puff is as great as the first.

One single charge keeps the life of your vaping experience alive for an incredibly long period, making it the perfect partner for both short sessions and prolonged use. Experience an uninterrupted vaping pleasure with the Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs device.

Crystal Clear Case Design

The case of the Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs is a marvel by itself. Boasting a vibrant transparent case, it stands out in the crowd and adds an element of panache to your vaping experience. The clear case allows you to witness the magic happening inside.

The sleekness of the design does not compromise on durability. Crafted with high-quality materials, it is robust enough to withstand the rigors of frequent use. Each puff tells a tale of exquisite design meeting unmatched functionality.

Easy-to-Use LED Smart Screen

Further enhancing the device’s usability is a built-in LED smart screen. The intuitive display provides real-time data on your puff count, battery life, and coil resistance, making vaping a breeze for both novices and veterans.

Armed with this information at their fingertips, users can customize their vape settings for an optimized experience. The LED smart screen simplifies navigation and adds a modern touch to your vaping journey.

Mesh Coil Technology

The Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs leverages advanced mesh coil technology to deliver a superior vaping experience. Unlike traditional coils, mesh coils cover a larger surface area.

This means they heat more evenly and efficiently, rendering unparalleled flavor and thick, billowing clouds of vapor. They also last longer, significantly reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Captivating Color Options

The Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs goes beyond functionality, grabbing attention with an array of striking color options. Choose from a spectrum of vibrant colors that reflect your style and personality.

The translucent case further adds to its appeal, displaying the intricate workings of the device while adding finesse to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Setting a New Standard in Vaping

With the Lavie Insider 12000 Puffs, vaping transcends from being an alternative nicotine delivery system to an expression of individuality and lifestyle. This device raises the bar for vaping devices with its innovative features and design.

Its large e-liquid capacity, extended battery life, stylish design, and versatile nicotine options have carved a new benchmark for others to strive for.

Indeed, it serves as the poster child for contemporary vaping technology, setting a standard that redefines the ultimate vaping experience.

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