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Lavie Torch 6000 Puffs

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  • Buy Milk 7000 Puffs disposable vape in bulk online store, rechargeable vape, 10 flavors available, competitive prices.

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Lavie Torch 6000 Puffs

Puffs: 6000 puffs

Core: Mesh coil 0.8ohm





Flavour List

Lavie Torch 6000 Puffs disposable vape is available in 14 flavours, more flavours are available in the future.

1.Strawberry watermelon



4.Purple grape

5.Double Apple



8.Passion Fruit

9.Lemon Cola






Packaging Information

Net weight: 65g/piece

Gross weight: 65g/piece

Carton size: 462*400*284mm

QTY: 200pcs/ctn


Unlock the full potential of the Lavie Torch 6000: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to unlock the full potential of the laVie Torch 6000. This innovative device, equipped with a core mesh coil of 0.8ohm, a 14ml capacity for e-liquid with the option of 0%, 2%, or 5% nicotine levels, a powerful 550mAh battery, and convenient Type-C rechargeability, offers a seamless vaping experience for enthusiasts at all levels. In this article, we will delve into the key features and functionalities of the laVie Torch 6000 to help you make the most of this cutting-edge device.

Key Features of the laVie Torch 6000

The Lavie Torch 6000 shines with several exclusive features that allow for a highly personalized vaping experience.

One of these is the core mesh coil technology that ensures consistent heating and better flavor release. The substantial 14ml e-liquid capacity permits extended vaping sessions without frequent refills.

Moreover, the varying nicotine level options cater to both those wanting a stronger hit and those preferring a milder experience.

Its powerful 550mAh battery ensures long-lasting operation, while the Type-C recharging adds convenience to the user's experience.

Understanding the Core Mesh Coil Technology

The Lavie Torch 6000's Core Mesh Coil Technology is a standout feature that enhances vape juice flavor while also ensuring a longer coil lifespan.

Traditionally, coils use twisted strands of wire, but the mesh coil comprises a knowledgeably designed grid. This wider surface area helps evenly distribute heat across the e-liquid, resulting in fewer dry hits and a smoother vaping experience.

An added advantage is that it runs at a lower power, contributing to battery optimization, enhancing your device's life and heat management.

Choosing the Right Nicotine Level for Your Preferences

Choosing the right nicotine level in your e-liquid is crucial to your vaping experience. Three nicotine levels are available in the laVie Torch 6000: 0%, 2%, and 5%.

If you're using vapes to quit smoking, a higher level might suit you. However, if you're new to vaping and want a milder experience, consider a lower concentration or no nicotine at all.

Kindly note, manipulating your nicotine level can impact throat hit and overall satisfaction, so it's best to experiment and find what meets your needs best.

Optimizing the 14ml E-Liquid Capacity

To unlock the full potential of the lavie Torch 6000, understanding and optimizing its 14ml e-liquid capacity is key. This large capacity gives you the ability to enjoy longer vaping sessions without frequent refills.

However, the right way to fill it up demands attention. Instead of wholly filling up the tank, aim for 80% to avoid over-saturation. This provides the perfect environment for the coil to efficiently vaporize the e-liquid.

Remember to allow some time for the fresh liquid to saturate the coil before you start vaping. It ensures an optimum taste experience and extends the longevity of your device.

Enhancing the Vaping Experience with the 550mAh Battery

With a powerful 550mAh battery, your device can provide a consistently high-quality vape throughout the day.

For an optimal vaping experience, it's important to keep the battery healthy. Overcharging can degrade battery life, hence, unplug as soon as it's fully charged.

Use the device in appropriate weather conditions, as extreme temperature either too hot or cold, can affect its performance. Following these practices will allow your laVie Torch 6000 to deliver its peak performance.

Utilizing the Type-C Rechargeable Feature

The lavie Torch 6000 boasts a Type-C recharging feature, allowing quick and efficient charging for your device.

The Type-C port also means you can plug in the cable in any direction for convenience. The ease and speed of Type-C recharging contributes to an enhanced vaping experience overall.

Adjusting the Airflow Settings for Customized Draws

The lavie Torch 6000 offers adjustable airflow settings, giving you full control over the intensity and volume of your vape draws.

You can manipulate these settings by simply rotating the airflow control ring around the base of the device.

To experience powerful, dense clouds of vapor, open up the airflow settings. Conversely, for a tight, more concentrated draw, close it down.

This customizable feature is intent to accommodate heavy cloud-chasers and flavour-enthusiasts alike, manifesting a deeply personal imbibing routine.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your laVie Torch 6000

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of your lavie Torch 6000 are crucial to preserving its functionality and longevity.

Begin by disassembling the components. Detach the mouthpiece and the tank from the battery module.

Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol or a dedicated vape cleaner to gently clean the connection points and draw tube.

Rinse the tank under warm water, let it air dry, and remember to regularly change your mesh coil for optimal performance.

Exploring Flavor Options Compatible with the Device

The lavie Torch 6000 is designed to support a wide range of e-liquid flavors, broadening your vaping horizon.

Whether you fancy a traditional tobacco blend, fruit-infused varieties or dessert-inspired delights, this device will deliver a unique, consistent flavour experience.

Remember, higher nicotine levels can sometimes slightly alter the flavor intensity. Experiment with different combinations to find your perfect match.

Troubleshooting Common Issues and Solutions

At times, you might face some issues with your lavie Torch 6000. This could range from the device not powering on, to unresponsive buttons, leaking fluid, or burnt taste. The first step is to ensure your device is adequately charged.

For button issues, a hard reset could solve the problem. If e-liquid leakage occurs, check to see if the device is tightly sealed. A burnt taste on the other hand, could suggest your coil needs replacement.

Comparing the laVie Torch 6000 to Other Vaping Devices

The lavie Torch 6000 stands out from other devices due to its unique features and performance. With a powerful 550mAh battery, it ensures longer vaping time compared to other devices.

Its large 14ml e-liquid capacity is also a unique feature, offering an extended vaping session without the need of frequent refills. Moreover, the type-C rechargeability makes it more convenient and faster to recharge than many other devices.

Guidance on Safe Vaping Practices

While the lavie Torch 6000 is designed to offer a safe vaping experience, there are still precautions you should follow. Always make sure to use the correct charging cable and avoid overcharging.

When it comes to nicotine, be sure to choose the level that fits you and refrain from excessive vaping. Keeping the device clean will not just extend its lifespan but also ensure your health safety.

Personalizing Your laVie Torch 6000 with Accessories

The lavie Torch 6000, though exceptional in its native state, can be enhanced further with bespoke accessories. From designer skins that allow you to showcase your personality, to carry cases for securing the device during travel, there's an option for everyone.

Additional accessories such as different mouthpieces, can also offer varying inhalation experiences. Upgraded chargers allowing for rapid recharging are also available for those who want to ensure maximum uptime for their device.

Understanding the Warranty and Support Services

With your lavie Torch 6000, you're not just getting a remarkable vaping device; you're also receiving comprehensive support and warranty services. The device comes with a 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

Qualities of the support service include convenience and dedication. You can contact customer service via phone or email. They are always ready to guide you through any issues or inquiries you may have about your lavie Torch 6000.

Exploring Advanced Tips and Tricks for Optimal Performance

The lavie Torch 6000 is a fully customizable device for an adaptable vaping experience. Mastering the adjustable airflow settings and understanding the impacts of different nicotine levels on the vapor's intensity is vital for optimization.

Remember to keep the device clean and regularly check the core mesh coil for wear, and replace as necessary. Remember each element plays an integral role in delivering a consistent, satisfying and personalized experience.

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